Big and Little Cars
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January 02, 2011
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Story behind the song
Gary Numan, Geoff Kirk, Sean Ohlson, Matt Love, Galen Martindale, Ron Arant, Scott Vanderpool, Curt Homan, Lisa Stephenson, Saka Tunde, Rod Downburst Johnson, and Wikipedia wrote this song in tribute to america's sweetheart, the automobile. Mister Roboto and his rappin robot crew perform it.
Mr Roboto: Here in my car, I feel safest of all, I can lock all my doors, It's the only way to live, In cars. Here in my car, I can only receive, I can listen to you, It keeps me stable for days, In cars. Allen Wrench: My best girl's name is Peggy Sue, She's a Cali girl from Malibu, She got no t-bird, that's a bummer, but we have fun fun fun in her hummer. A Rocket 88 is really great, So's a pink Cadillac and that's a fact, Lately I've been thinkin bout a Hot Rod Lincoln, Little cars are cool, but big cars rule. Mr Roboto: Here in my car, Where the image breaks down, Will you visit me please? If i open my door, In cars. Here in my car, I know i've started to think, About leaving tonight, Although nothing seems right, In cars. Lugg Nutt: Hey, home boy, have you gone insane, Maybe got a fever in your so-called brain, You don't want no gas gulpin dinosaur, The bimbos like a nimble little four on the floor. You got your little red Corvette, And your little GTO, And a little duice coupe, So go go go! Allen Wrench: The terraplane was a great old car, I keep a terraplane gearbox in an old fruit jar, Henchman 24 drove a powder blue Nissan Stanza, The same as the one owned by Tony Danza. I got me a Chrysler, it's as big as a whale, "Balls to you Big Daddy," said Galen Martindale, Mike Little drove a Pontiac Bonneville, Crossed 3 state lines just standing still. Lugg Nutt: Scott Vanderpool and Mustang Sally, Were behind the Tropicana in the alley, drinking Oly beer and reading the graffiti, She called him her man and he called her his sweetie. Neil Young sang about the Econoline Van, On his groundbreaking album "Tonight's the Night". Bruce Barry was a hard workin' man, Who fell into the black and out of the light. Allen Wrench: Pauly Fuemana drove a Chevy'69, But he died of Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, after a long decline, Rory Galliger sang about his souped up Ford, Another real gone talent too long ignored. Joe Strummer had a Ford Cortina, then he was cut down by Ischemia, Chuck D drove a 98 Oldsmobile, He's still alive, unlike John Peel.