Wishing For the Sun
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Ft. Michael Stinton on saxophone
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February 24, 2012
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Brett DuBose © 2004
It’s snowing outside both our doorsteps tonight. I can’t help but try, I’m chasing cyclones inside. And another lonely day wakes me to realize that I might just have a chance To ease my mind and my broken heart with lightning from your glance. Chorus: But tomorrow comes, and yesterday’s gone And your angel memory makes me think you could me my own, But there’s nothing left but hope’s waking breath And your angel memory I turned to a song: I’m wishing for the sun. I just want to be noticed, and I just want you there When I’m losing focus between the heartache and the care. But this time I won’t let myself climb into another scared little hole. I’ve spent too many lonely nights with no one like you there to hold. Chorus And when this is all said and done I’ll be right back on my pity train, Or this time the spring time will back with more than black clouds and the rain. Chorus