By the River (part 1)
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December 22, 2014
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J. Zheutlin © J. Zheutlin
By the River there's a little coffee shop I was down so low, I needed a double shot But when I saw her smile I thought I just might try To make it through another night I'd been doing some heavy drinking and spirits were sinking When my best friend got killed in Iraq it had poisoned my thinking He was just 19 when a shell blew him to a thousand pieces right before my eyes. She introduced me to her brother and some friends Who were laughing loud and not making sense I could see by their eyes that they were high as a kite And they had some plans I asked her for her number and she broke out laughing She said I don't even know you, but thanks for asking With a smile and a wink she said "I'm not who you think I am." Outside the window a man was walking He was dancing funny and seemed to be talking I could see it in his eyes he had some trouble inside his mind.