The Dream
My newest demo...hope you enjoy!
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December 12, 2014
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J. Zheutlin
I had a dream the other night My clothes were all gone, my skin a ghostly white My neighbor said "Tom, you're such a frightful sight." Jesus had come into town All the good folk gathered round From behind a rock I could feel the light shine down on me. Neil Young was there in a broken old chair He played his guitar but no one cared When Jesus spoke they all sat and stared at him. My uncle was there in an Hassidic hat My mother held two rabbits and a cat My sister cried out that my uncle's hat blocked her view. The thunder roared and hail stones fell An old man cried out, "We're all going to hell" Jesus rang a small silver bell and the whole crowd was silent. Well, the alarm clock rang before salvation came I'm still in the rat race, still playing the old game But I truly believe I'll break these chains and walk free one day.