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January 19, 2014
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Here comes the weekend, it's Saturday night She's doin' her hair makin' sure it's right. She puts on some makeup and some tight blue jeans She's lookin' like a southern beauty queen. He don't have to be handsome but he's gotta be true And bring home a paycheck and have a big smile too. John was a soldier, home from Iraq Some days he though he'd never make it back. He told the parish priest he shot three men If they weren't Iraqi's they might have been friends. He puts on some jeans and a big wide brimmed hat. He looks like a cowboy, but it's mostly an act To impress all the girls that he meets at the club Instead of a horse, he drives a big souped up truck. It's another Saturday night and the boy's goin' out on the town He's gonna meet his best friend, they'll pour a few cold ones down. Saturday night is the time for fun when Texas boys go lookin' for love... Lookin' for love. There's some lonely cowboys on Saturday night And there's some lonely cowgirls on Saturday night. She's gonna meet her girlfriends...spend a little money Drink some margaritas and act a little funny She may never find true love, but she'll have herself a real good time. There's some lonely cowgirls on Saturday night There's some lonely cowgirls on Saturday night.