Home (feat Linh Renkin)
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The new song Home is now available for download ass the second radio single from the upcoming new album from Yaiva, The Eclipse. "I consider this soul music" Yaiva says. The song starts with Lihn singing "Home, just trying to find my way home".
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September 28, 2010
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what we do just to live, how we give, with no expectations, no hesitation, even if there is no promise of an ROI, I will fly kiss the sky, even if just in my mind high sign of the times, how we grind till we die are we wrong for wanting to go home we seen see the world turn, we seen the water burn and our mother being torn, Industrial revolution, steps forward or steps backward, How we not listen to elders just cuz they dona??t have a masters now who we fooling, this living and excess and consuming over population and pollution, global warming, abnormal storming holes formed in the ozone, testing and cloning of chromosomes so far away, so far gone, so far away from home got lost in concrete usa, anywhere that you go anywhere that you stay its all the same ain't a damn thing change but the area code gotta carry a load like no other, cuz we come from a place where sisters are mothers and mothers are fathers needa be raising our own, sons and daughter but we cant be shamed, play the blame game gotta do something, ima quit running, bring the drums in and the, and the one in, cuz ita??s the one thata??ll make that change cuz ita??s the one thata??ll break those chains, break the cycle its vital to the survival of my people, disconnect and reconnect, disrespect and re-respect from the east to the west we all in.. we can be the change that we wanna see