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Dark pop song
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October 24, 2012
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M. Spence © 2012 Stat Songs Publishing ASCAP
Story behind the song
Written as a song fit for October, not so much for Halloween, though there are some tinges of it in the song. Enjoy. :)
HAUNTED (M. Spence) Here I lay alone On this late October night I'm drowning in the shadows The darkness replaces the light There's a raging storm outside Howling winds and pouring rain Although I lie here still The shadows don't hide the pain CHORUS LOSING YOU WAS HARD ENOUGH LIVING HERE ALONE GIVES ME A FRIGHT I DON'T HOW I'LL MAKE IT THROUGH THIS HAUNTED STORMY NIGHT I'm staring out into space Hearing your faint voice call I thought I heard some footsteps Coming from down the hall CHORUS BRIDGE It's something out of a dream But it's all too real I know your spirit is here But I can't touch you I can only feel Copyright © 2012, 2010 Stat Songs Publishing (ASCAP)