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2nd co-write w/ Jim Colyer
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April 11, 2012
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M. Spence & J. Colyer © 2009 Stat Songs Pub. & Michael Colyer Songs ASCAP
Story behind the song
Song about an abuse victim who get the last laugh, but not in a nasty way. Enjoy!!
SORRY CAME TOO LATE (M. SPENCE/J. COLYER) VERSE You sat on the old bean bag Raving like a mad man Thinking about the misery She suffered at your hands Going back in that moment in time When you saw that new guy she kissed Then you beg and plead that you're sorry But there's something you've missed CHORUS Sorry came too late You blew it now, buddy You got in too deep And it's way too ugly It came too late Had your chance to prove it Sorry's too late Too bad, you blew it. VERSE She took many a swing to the face Leaving many a bad bruise Knocking out every single window You know you blew your fuse Going back in that moment in time When you saw that dude she danced with Too late for apologies now Try some anger management CHORUS BRIDGE You had to go one step further And she had to bide her time You'd gone and went way too far You really had to cross that line Copyright © 2009 Stat Songs Publishing (ASCAP) & Michael Colyer Songs (ASCAP)