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Positive Pop Song
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April 10, 2012
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M. Spence © 1996, 1992 Stat Songs Pub. (ASCAP)
Story behind the song
just a catchy positive song...:)
HOLIDAY (M. Spence) We live on the nine to five There must be a better way We work just to stay alive And it's barely making it pay BRIDGE We all need some time away Away from the day-to-day More than just a vacation Toss all our cares away CHORUS We need a holiday And save our worries for Another day Holiday And have some fun until the break of day I know there's some fun for me There must be some common ground Now it's time that we hit the streets And it's going to start with this Small town BRIDGE CHORUS REPEAT CHORUS Copyright © 1996, 1992 Stat Songs Publishing (ASCAP)