Leather and Chains
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November 03, 2002
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Rick Goggin © 2002
Leather and Chains (c) Rick Goggin 2002 V1 My baby's got a secret in her closet, she don't talk about. She needs a funny kind of lovin'. The kind that makes you scream and shout. Ch1 She says " let's play a game", and I say, " yes ma'am". If I'm gonna keep her happy I gotta mix pleasure with pain. She likes leather and chains. V2 She's always had some muscle in her tussle, keep you up till you drop. She don't care who wears the pants in the family, as long as she can be on top. Ch2 She says, "There ain't no shame", and I say " Yeah but don't tell your friends". As long as she's loving me, I can stand the pain. She likes leather and chains. (build) She say's " Here's one for you honey, two to let you know, three to get you ready and, four to show you I mean business". V3 By day my baby's sweet as sugar, sofisticate and demure. At night she turns into a Tigress, sure knows how to make me purr. Ch3 She says, " Let's play the game", and I say " just take easy on me baby". As long as she don't set me free, I'll never complain. She likes leather and chains. (outro) Ouch!!!