Silent side of Hell
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July 13, 2003
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Cindy Miller, BMI/ Rick Goggin © 2002
Silent Side of Hell (c)2002 Cindy Miller, BMI/ Rick Goggin V1 How do shadows find me When I’m hiding in the night Where do demons come from When my eyes are closed up tight I try shouting for assistance But barely whisper, “help” No one here is listening On the silent side of hell V2 I’m choking down the venom In a dream I can’t forget The sleepless nights before this They were gifts, in retrospect I don’t know just who I am So I can’t face myself There're no mirrors, only blame On the silent side of hell Br For what seems an eternity Daunting dark encases me Though I pray to see a light, I'm trapped inside the blackest night V3 But the morning brings asylum As the night waits in the wings Enduring seconds, minutes, hours Till it rips back through my dreams I’m not ashamed to cry out loud And I’m not afraid to yell But who will hear me, who can hear me From the silent side of hell