My Forevergirl
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February 11, 2011
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Rick Goggin © 2008
V1 you're my angel eyes, the beauty in my life, the music in my soul, a million stars to hold. the answer to my prayers, the reason that i care, the wonder of it all,the one whose name i call. so I just wanna say, that I love you more today, you're the center of my forevergirl. V2 you're the smile thats on my face, all elegance and grace, the girl who'll always be, the sweetheart of my dreams. the one who I adore, who leaves me wanting more, the love that fills my soul, the half that makes me whole. and ive just gotta say, that I love you more today, you're the one who spins my forevergirl. br when we met it was perfect, I was your knight who saved the day. and when you gave your heart to me, I was really blown away. V3 I gave you all of me, you gave me ecstasy, you loved me for the good, the bad you understood. you looked me in the eyes, you saw the man inside, you won me with a smile, you make it all worthwhile. so Ive just gotta say, girl I love you more today. you're the one love in my forevergirl.