Like One John The Baptist
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A punchy rap song calling people back to the teachings of Jesus
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October 13, 2008
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CHORUS: Just like one John The Baptist I'm calling Out there in the world if you hear me. To the teachings of Jesus I'm pointing; disobey and you'll be disappointed. Like John the Baptist we rap this from the wilderness; whatever it is that you preach you should practice, coz nothing speaks louder than actions: I could hand you phosphorus on little sticks and you still couldn't match this! God's the master of tactics, you fight him you're practically asking to get your ass whipped. 'better that you make some drastic changes to your lifestyle before the day you're confined to a casket. The fact is, you could never find everlasting satisfaction except through Jesus Christ. And here's the reason why: Eternal life was only made available to you since the son of the Most High was crucified. So when he comes through the skies, will you be paralised like one who realises he can't disguise his vices, surprised that he can't hide from the eyes of Jesus Christ when he comes back to judge the world for greedy idolizing?! CHORUS We've got the truth you can't stop it! Even with fingers stuck in your ears you can't block it! We knock it on the head of the nail when we drop it. We're prophets of the Lord Most High God that's why we don't work for profits! Mock us, but what's funny is we'd rather eat locusts and honey and wear camel skins than ever be focused on money In the land flowing with honey and milk the kaching ching and bling bling made the world to stop thinking will the message ever sink in and turn us around? If the truth is a bitter pill, then let's swallow it down. And let's follow it now! We need to choose to be like alcoholics for the truth and never water it down! CHORUS