Let the Blind Lead the Blind
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We need the courage to stand up to the hypocrisy and greed in our churches. Let us get up, follow Jesus wherever he guides us, and leave those who who are willing to settle for less to stumble in the darknes they have chosen for themselves.
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June 02, 2007
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All you truth seekers, beware of false teachers who greet us with smiles while they seek to mislead us! Their products are cheap but they'll only cheat us. Be not naive to believe their sweet speaches. The scriptures all teach us to flee from these preachers who seek to attain gain while claiming to feed us Believe us! Even though they say they know Jesus These teachers who teach greed are purely deceivers! Take heed you believers for only Truth frees us we need to make sure it's the Lord in whom we trust Coz how can men-pleasers who worship the system really lead us and teach us what's Christian? They're twisting the scriptures to bleed us. But only blind Christians will follow blind leaders. We teach that the only King we accept is Jesus so give to God what is God's and forget Caesar! CHORUS: All their lies are disguised with the masks they hide behind They justify compromise it's time to open our eyes! If we are wise, we must arise and leave to follow Christ! And let the blind lead the blind! VERSE TWO: I just gotta speak my piece. These false teachers, yeah, they're coming and they're shaving the sheep and selling the fleese. Like a den of thieves. Now, let me break it down... I'll show you how they do it with the greatest of ease: Sunday morning, music's got a phat beat MC Pastor rocks the mic, gonna give your ears something sweet like: "Jesus died for us so we don't need to do a thing. Obey his teachings? Nah, ah, ah! Don't bring in those heresies. Coz it's by grace that we claim not to obey in Jesus' name! Hallelujah, pass the collection plate!" $$$ I cannot tolerate your fake faith, false grace it makes my anger burn the way you lead the sheep astray it gets my feelings hurt, so it's time to operate. Jesus' words are like a scapel. Where they at, I got some wolves to castrate! So if you wanna follow Christ, then it's ALL you forsake! Yeah he meant it that way, you false teachers, stop playing these games! CHORUS VERSE THREE: So, you wanna follow Jesus... Beware of false teachers with their long clothes and embroided robes. You must truly feel inferior, I suppose, calling them Doctor and Father as though they were grandoise. But what about Matthew 23, what did Jesus say? You should open the book, take a look, and then obey. Coz they're decievers, killing souls of believers. How can you ignore the poor and then claim to know Jesus? HUH?! speaking what you want to hear, and say you can't live without money so go start a career when it's fear that provides all these cowards with power as they seek to devour each and every hour still wait a second.... there is a way around this though the fat cat with the cheese would rather you confound it. Dumbfounded by the lies of deceivers, when all you need is Jesus... ...forget the false teachers!!