Decieved by Religion (free download)
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NEW TRACK !!! Are you following God or a religion? Don't be deceived!!
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April 02, 2007
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Story behind the song
The song is a response to many people who promote their relgion in opposition to God, and specifically in opposition to the teachings of Jesus.
CHORUS: Don't be deceived by Religion competitions between baptisms and circumcisions. All they breed is division. We need a vision to follow God not a religion. I met this lady. She was talking crazy, saying that the Muslims in the West were shady. She says they hate me, they're waiting patiently for the right day and place to annihilate me! I said: "Lady, my faith be placed in God's grace to forgive all those who hate me. And if God can save me, then maybe, he could save them, regardless what their faith or race be!" But then she baits me with questions: "Are you a Christian? Do you believe in the resurrection? Are you born again and made whole from sickness? Are you morman or Jehovah's witness? And do you speak in tongues? And what about church do you go on the right day of the week to one? Do you plead the blood and pay your tithes? And was it in the right name that you were water baptised? And what about Christ, and his divinity? Isn't he the second person of the Trinity? He lives in me, does he live in you? Oh, don't tell me you're a Catholic or a Hindu! Coz they bow down their knees to idols but I pray every day and then read my Bible; and I won't accept you as being Christ's disciple unless you believe every single thing that I do!!" CHORUS Do you see a prophet? Maybe not, But I'll show you prophecy coming in hot like sliced bread and people just wanna eat and eat. So where are the prophets? Tell me please! The ones yelling "stop it!"from the top of their lungs, "Don't take the mark or we'll start some hand chopping!" Yeah, you're bold when it comes to talking, I don't need to smack you in the face to get your jaw dropping! I just taked up my cross and started walking coz the teachings of Jesus is radicool take you out of religious bigotry and put up in a new school Now listen to Jesus teach us some new rules! The Good Samaritan witnessed against you. He wasn't a Christian, Hindu, a Muslim or a Jew But what's important is he loved like Jesus told us to. So, why are you throwing stones at me... I'm just telling the truth! No seminary degrees, religious credentials, rituals to make you think well of me. I'm just trying to love unconditionally. I thought that's what you preach, or is that only for people with whom you agree? So don't tempt me to pull out the big guns: 1 John 4. Who's born of God? Anyone who loves!! Try to despise one of these little ones you'll get a stoned tied 'round your neck and dropped in the ocean! So take your religious ways and pack em up you need to be born again again by the teachings of Jesus coz in the end we all get judged the same as we judged others, yeah, this is serious!! CHORUS What do you really believe? Could it be you've been deceived? You go to church and never learn Anything but hypocrisy! Have you been spending your time preaching religion? Instead of speaking about the teachings of Jesus? You can't put God in a box! So let us follow wherever the Holy Spirit leads us! Denominationalism is a prison Where you refuse to listen to criticism. Do you know what it means to be a Christian? Coz it's nothing like what the churches show on television! So, here's our mission: To help you understand God's plan for Man's spiritual condition... Put God first and trust in his provision! What's your decision?!