Only You (Great & Mighty) by David Oke A.G.S
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October 17, 2017
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Story behind the song
Jesus says in Matthew 19:26 ...but with God all things are possible. This song "Only You (Great and Mighty) gives God the glory due to Him that nothing is impossible for Him. "Only you can do what no man can do..." He is the Mighty God. Only You (Great and Mighty song) is a worship song with a blend of Soft rock and alternative music.This song talks about the greatness of our God, His independence on any man and how He can do all things. Great and Mighty God, mighty God you are
Only you can do what no man can do Great and mighty God Mighty God you are Great and Might God Great and Might God Great and Might God Great and Might God Mighty God You are No darkness can stand in your presence when you speak, flames of fire breaks in sunder You sit upon the floods You're too deep to figured out I see your hands in the lightning of the skies I hear of your greatness when thunder rolls Great and Mighty God, Mighty God You are