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Misty song about a Woolf...
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December 10, 2017
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© Luuk de Greef
Story behind the song
Big Forest
It was dark and you could not see a thing. The wind swept ferm and hard through the stone cold midnight, Wolves were crying behind the mountains of the valley, then suddenly someone whispered my name, I looked down and there stood a little purple frog, right beneed my feet. "HEY" he said " Go inside otherwise you freeze to death" First i did not believe him, but after one hour my tones were frozen, so i went inside. Inside the hollow tree it was dark but warm, Slowely my eyes get used of the dark and then i sawher, a big beautifull lonely Woolf. staring at me,she began barking and i understood I staued all night lying beside the warm big woolf, In the morning i wake up and i smeel the dawn. This was gonna be a though day and i prepared. Together with the big warm woolf we entered the big scared forest the leaves let no sunshine in and it was misty. After hours of walking we came by this open spot. Surrounded by the biggest trees i had ever seen the wolve stared at meand wanted to tell me something Then she ran to the middle of the open field and began crying crying like just wolves do loud and hard and she did not stop she cried hours, a week and a whole year long i stayed several weeks with this lonely woolf and learned a lot of her She learned me how to find food in this beautiful big forest and finnaly she even learned me how to Howl ! It was the most beautifull time of my life, and if i now hear a woolf crying i must think of her ,my motherwoolf in the big scared forest.......