Spikiss - REMiniscence
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This song was composed from neurons recorded in humans, during Rapid-Eye Movement (REM) sleep, where most dreams occur. The inhibitory neurons form the rhythmic sections, while excitatory neurons drive the melodic parts.
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October 10, 2016
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Alain Destexhe and Luc Foubert © A Destexhe and L Foubert (CC ShareAlike NonComm)
Story behind the song
Spikiss is a duo made of Alain Destexhe and Luc Foubert, who used experimental recordings of brain activity under the form of spikes, to compose electronic music. The recordings are from different sources, all published. The natural rhythmical activity of neurons is exploited, in particular for inhibitory neurons which are used for the bass and rhythmic sections. The more sparse activity of excitatory neurons is exploited to reveal their melodic capabilities, which are sometimes exacerbated by the choice of instrument.