Contrasting Core - objective version
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September 02, 2015
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4:06 minutes
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Story behind the song
The objective version - what I actually experience of that contrast. This version of Contrasting Core is the objective perception; how my conscious will seem unconscious while my habitual subconscious thoughts are the dominating dictators of what I experience in my life. So the contrast that I experience is how I want to think which is beneficial verses how I was taught to think which is detrimental.
Who are you. And what are we doin here. Why do I feel this way. Q & A medically delayed. 9 to 5 all up in my space. Payin bills tryin to keep my place. Relationships all pie in the face. Booty calls be all time of waste. Here in this moment I must declare. Its got me shook, I’m on the hook cause I mistook something that wasn’t there. Conscious subconscious may both apply. Be conscious in the moment or subconscious replies. My habitual thoughts hide while my conscious denied. Straight from an ego I have never defined. I want a Jag but I get a jeep. If I want a man then he’s a creep. If I want a girl then she’s a cheat. If I date myself then I’m a freak. You can run but its no use cause you gone chase and catch up with you. it’s a crazy world from this point of view. But intension wise its best for you. Survival is easy when awareness aint there. Its got me shook, I’m on the hook , its in the book so you cant say it aint fair. Living aint easy with contrast alive. Living is in the moment while survival is dieing. New residual thoughts guide new perspective designs. Hooray for my ego et’ expansion is nye. It’s a mirrored world so you find you but most of us don’t see it through My battlefield’s an internal feud Of unconscious thoughts of subconscious views. There’s a shadow self with my spirit too. I Wont change myself to accept my truth From internal queen to external brute I’ve faced the winds to reveal the roots.