The apartment building 3....
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April 27, 2019
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Viewing lyrics for ? ???????????? 3.... The apartment building 3.... by stefanos grigoriadis. Edit Lyrics? This is about the translation of the lyrics in English ....the opposite apartment building, remains a major stout and a nice lady, the days pass with kisses and hugs, the evenings are strewn do not know all nychtes..kapoio hot afternoon I was sitting on the balcony, the binoculars go across and fight by pinning, ..loud voices, glasses broken dishes, .. beautiful girl against two people to beat .. falls cloud wood, and many punches, hooker to call me, motherfucker their cries .. the police comes all agreements and take the very questioning only dirt start ... the gentleman was a pimp and prostitute lady and those beaten and those in the gang, and the three together says that the girl did marketing,, .. inside the building ... the building !!!! Lyrics by Tasos by me!!!!!