I ain't finished yet
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February 26, 2004
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Robin Lore © Robin Lore
Well you think you got me figured out, you don't have a clue. 'Cause I'm like nothin' that you ever had and nothin' you ever will. I gave you a ticket to see into my brain, I wake up shakin' in my bed as I am calling out your name and I got new places new people that I can leave behind and every songs a different memory that plays throughout my mind. Well, I got blood upon my hands I think it's from the night before, just a reminder to myself I gotta start lockin' my door , well, we do agree on something you're not good enough for me. You gotta take chances in this life to get to where you want to be. And I just don't have the patience to play your silly games, the more time I spend inside your head the more I go insane. I think you have got some problems that you need to work through, well I got some problems of my own 'cause I am so in love with you. Chorus: ANd I just don't know why nothing's ever as it seems. I walked into that bar and it was full of memories. I tried drinking up the past and almost choked on the regret. So don't tell me that it's over cause, I ain't finished yet You weren't worth a thing before , you're not worth nothin' now, hell if you don't expect to much from me you might not be let down. So look over to your left, no maybe to your right, you may see something that you missed before and stop putting up this fight. Well I came out here on my own I plan to leave in the same way. If you ask about my life there is so much I can say. I may empty all my pockets, so you can get a peak. I try to write down all the secrets I keep deep inside of me. Well, I rub two sticks together until I get a spark and every night I try and dream, but end up turning in the dark. I am singing in my head, in the morning I may sleep, cause at night I cry instead over the things I could not keep. CHorus: You didn't want a thing I had 'til I had nothing left to give. The you walked across that river I watched as you burned down that bridge. Now I am stuck here on the other side, to weak to make a sound , it seems the higher up you fly the more that it hurts when you hit the ground...oh it hurts when you hit the ground...I don't want to hit the ground....I don't want to hit the ground