Dear Diary
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February 08, 2004
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Robin Lore © Robin Lore
Story behind the song
My big move cross country...and various other life experiances
Dear Diary I'm leaving tonight, maybe a little bit later then I had once thought. I got some bad directions and a full tank of gas, got my keys in my pocket and my clothes in a bag. The night air is cold but it feels good to me. There's no looking back now anyway it's to hard to see. Just go forward I say to myself in the dark, as I go down that road towards my future in front of me. Rolled across the state line at 3:30am rubbed my eyes and my neck I try to warm up my hands. It won't be cold real soon I say with a smile, then I took a deep breadth and I just thought for a while. Hey hey....hey hey hey I say hey hey...hey hey hey Now the suns coming up as the night fades away, I turn the radio dial all the songs got something to say. I wonder what's going on back in my home town and does anyone notice that I'm not around. Hey Hey...Hey hey hey I say hey hey....hey hey hey Late at night I look outside, hear the whispers in my mind, telling me to wait for something better. I'm so tired I can't stand , try to close my eyes again, mind keeps racing through the past around around around again Dear diary now I'm watching the sky, I feel the sand between my toes I see the clouds rolling by. I still think about you how you're so far away, I'm sorry that I had to leave, but you always new I could not stay....I could not stay. I never could stay , could not stay hey hey I say hey hey... hey hey hey I said hey hey ...hey hey hey