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First and Last
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A love song, about seeing who the "other" really is. (Photo of Jeffers and his new wife in 1981 when he was 40 years old.)
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Upload date
April 21, 2014
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MP3 9.4 MB, bitrate 256 kbps.
5:07 minutes
Writer (words/music)
J.J. Jeffers
Jeffers and TTAP
Story behind the song
The photo is of Jeffers and his 3rd and present wife, taken shortly after they were married in 1979 when he was 38. And he wrote the song about a year or so later.
The First and the Last I searched for my love, for my place. I searched for my freedom, for my dream come true. But as I passed through time and space, I found at last that my search was for you. I've been down that road where I needed to go. I guess we all need some hard times to grow. I've been on long journeys to the back of my mind. And searching for love made me lose track of time. Now the last has come first, and this is true: The first is as one with the last, within me and you. Now there’s great comfort in being oldest of friends, And knowing just when we must make amends. For I see in your face words I need not hear, And love lets us know we have nothing to fear. When a love is true, it never grows old. We learn from each other what cannot be told. I am but half of a man without you. And love is a mirror that shows me my self in you. Now the last has come first, and this is true. The first is as one with the last, within me and you. Copyright © 2009 - 2014 Jeffers and TTAP (Revised very slightly from the original written in 1982.) Written and recorded by Jeffers