Right-Wing Preachers
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This song is to rebuke and refute theocratic right-wing preachers who think their religion is superior to all others and entitles them to rule.
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April 21, 2014
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J.J. Jeffers © Jeffers and TTAP
RIGHT-WING PREACHERS (OF DOOM) This is for all those right-wing preachers, Thumpin’ their bible and raising their palms. They can do better work, instead of lurk, While they pass that plate around for alms. And his is for all those right-wing preachers, Selling their flocks a second-hand way. We should not hide from our inner guide, Who shows us all in its own way. All the wise ones say, each in their own way, Each in their own day, we are One. So this is for all those right-wing preachers, Talkin’ of judgment and doom. Read between the lines of that book, and start to look, Within your own soul real soon. And this is for all those right-wing preachers, Who think one book tells the only way. But it was written by men, who were only next of kin, To the only One who knows just what to say. One day we all will see, just what’s going to be, When we all agree, God is One. We are One, ‘cause God is One. Copyright © 2009 - 2014 Jeffers and TTAP (Revised from the original written in 1982) Written and recorded by Jeffers