We Can Change Our World
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This song was written with certain people in mind, particularly the homeless and those who ignore the homeless. For as we treat the least of our fellow human beings, so we treat our very Self, in the spiritual sense.
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April 21, 2014
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J.J. Jeffers © Jeffers and TTAP
WE CAN CHANGE OUR WORLD Take a good look where you’re going, my friend. If you think you are alone, well then think again. There’s a light brightly shining in the road ahead. We can change our world, you’re not better off dead. We come in many colors, we come short and tall. Some worry, some pray, and some have a ball. But inside us there’s a place to recall, We’re the leaves from one tree, each one and all. As we do unto our brethren, so we do unto thee. We are not each on separate, you see. There is one body, and it’s known as humankind. And we are one in Spirit, all the time. So if you find yourself thinking that you are alone. If you keep to yourself and you are unknown. You can be who you were meant to be. Just listen to your soul, and turn the right key. But we must give love, before love comes back. And we cannot give to others what we lack. So take some time to find your inner self, Then you won’t keep your soul waiting on a shelf. As you do unto our brethren, so you do unto thee. We are not each on separate, you see. There is one body, and it’s known as human-kind. And we are one in the Spirit, all the time. Copyright © 2009 - 2014 Jeffers and TTAP (Revised slightly from the original written in 1978.) Written and recorded by Jeffers