Gods Children
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Original song recorded 9/5/2015
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September 08, 2015
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Dave George © March 2015
When Jesus sat at Jacob's well Met a woman there as John would tell A Samaritan alone, despised and hated. He reached out to her without a second thought With the living water he had brought That her thirst would be forever satiated. When the disciples saw, well they were stunned He'd talk with one so vile and shunned But she testified and brought many to believe. [CHORUS] Just reach out, 'cuz we're all God's children You and me, us and them, we're all a family Just reach out, 'cuz we're all God's children In spite of all the difference that we claim God loves us all the same. Ever check yourself for the way you feel The thoughts you have that you don't reveal When someone doesn't meet your moral standards. You might be surprised at what others see You're acting just like a Pharisee You're missing out 'cuz you think you got the answers. God's sees in you what he sees in me What he sees in all humanity. He sees that you're no better than the rest. [REPEAT CHORUS] [BRIDGE] We all fall short there's no exceptions No place for your false impressions We're all the same it's time to face it Ditch the hate let love replace it [REPEAT CHORUS]