I am Alone
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April 03, 2004
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Nathan Holly © 2003 Nathan Holly
As I Try to Break Free From my Mind I Realize I Have No Where to Run This World was Made for me I Look Around, I am Alone No Second Chance to Save my Soul No Eternal Peace for Me I Made The Choice at the End of Time To Live Forever in Agony With every passing day the shadow grows darker. I am forced to live this nightmare as a ghost of my former self. No glimpse of hope and no moments of joy to ease the torment. This is my own hell where I am to spend eternity. My only companions on this journey are the specters of my failures, the demons of my unending sadness. Their only purpose to remind me of the path I should have chosen and the path I so foolishly decided to lead. Deceived from the beginning at the end of my life, I gave away the light. For a simple lust for flesh I doomed myself to the shadows. I repent and ask to again be saved but my prayers remain unanswered. And now, with no one listening I am forced to embrace The Suffering . . .