YHVH Our Healer - Shalom Power Clip #4
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Scripture narration with Harp accompaniment tuned in 528 Hz for calming, healing, soothing, peaceful listening
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July 23, 2013
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Shirley Rees/ Words - Steve Rees/ Harp © 07/2013
Story behind the song
The combination of Harp Music tuned into the 528 Hz Frequency for healing and restoration; combined with the words of our Creator found in the scriptures, work together to help restore our frazzled mind, body and souls. Much scientific research is showing the connection between these frequencies and positive words and our ability to heal and restore.
The words are from the scriptures and remind us of God's great care and love for us, His kids! The theme of healing reminds us of how present and necessary He is to our health and restoration. He created us; He sustains us; He sends the healing into our lives.