Wardrobe Malfunction
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Some go through great lengths to defy the laws of physics while dressing. However, gravity sometimes can be a cruel practical joker..
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April 10, 2008
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Mike Triggs © 2007
Story behind the song
This one was written at the same time as the Format Sea suite, just as a change of pace. What started out as a simple programmed piece became an exercise in telling a story with various sound effects. I think I steer clear of needing the parental advisory on this one, but am erring on the side of caution by marking it off. Samples (from Freesound): 29810__stomachache__5 / Author Stomachache 18171__Jake_Williams__footsteps_upstairs_hard_floor_indoors 691__memexikon__jawharp 33417__acclivity__CyclistPedalling 27882__Stickinthemud__Bike_Horn_double_toot 33675__pauliep83__crash 26372__acclivity__HighHeelsWendySlow 01_18624 Walter Odington ripping 19742__Freed__POW07_E01_Voice 26370__acclivity__HighHeelsVanessaSlow 33939__scarbelly25__Breathing 4053__NoiseCollector__female_hello 16453__kkz__Crushed_Drums 22734__Charel_Sytze__geluid_5.13 I think I got them all. Any omissions are done out of absent-mindedness, not malice.