Baptism (Format Sea)
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I rose from the water as someone else..
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June 21, 2009
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10:19 minutes
Mike Triggs © 2007
Story behind the song
This is the second part of the Format Sea suite. It's the longest piece of the puzzle, running over ten minutes long. Listen to with headphones for the best experience. It was written in the middle of last year, and it gradually evolved over the months into what it is now. Samples used: I From Freesound: 41862__kemitix__Door_Knock 34262__ddohler__door_slams_nr 34261__ddohler__door_knocks_r 34263__ddohler__door_slams_r 16122_Incarnadine_sinister_preacher_reading_revelations 47159_alphahog_Revelation_13_verse_1_8 34211_acclivity_I_Am_Male 48412_Luftrum_oceanwavescrushing 16740_kijjas_running_water_bubbles_02 512_jenc_boomklir 11878_medialint_heavy_metal_spoon 16239_ltibbits_china_A_China_High_16_high_vol II Opsound ( Emily Hurst's Parting Friends (voice sample from) Released under an Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license ( I had downloaded this Hurst sample in late 2004, and her page is no longer on the Opsound site. To my best understanding, the license doesn't 'expire', although it's admittedly a gray area. I may have to pull the sample at some point if the circumstances warrant it. I think it's the same Emily Hurst who is in Las Rubias Del Norte. I stumbled across their Myspace page while researching this. I acknowledge by using the Hurst sample, it also puts my track under the exact same CC license. (Translation - remixers and samplers can have a LOT of fun with it.) Addendum: 6/21 - I uploaded a retooled version of Baptism. Song credits have been updated to include new samples added. Let me know if it's loud enough.