They remain words and..
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.. only words will remain when the feces hits the fan.
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August 11, 2011
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Story behind the song
It was a quote from an older song I wrote [Terrestrial Epitaph In Shortwave], and I felt the need to develop it further here. It amazes me how much free advice there is out there etched in stone, in places people generally don't bother looking. (Insert "those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it" comment here.) One Freesound sample used: 5062-12 sorohanroJazzTrumpetLoopsPackinF90bpm.wav
Gone in an instant, words without meaning Collectively rotting and turned into dust It seems that the world went south while we're sleeping. Depleted repeating, time marched on without us Forgot about to trust and started to rust. Started to rust away. --- Gone in an instant, words end up somewhere Etched onto fine stones that line up at night The message is unnoticed - the meaning unknown. [We won't pay attention - just stay out of sight..] --- Gone in an instant, words cause a blank stare Wasted on gravestones - that hide from the light...