Touch the Sun
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Come rock with Parker Solar Probe and touch the sun
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January 05, 2019
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Michael and Eve Bonadonna © 2018
Story behind the song
NASA and the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab are about to launch an audacious mission to fly a spacecraft through the Sun's corona. It will literally touch the sun. Someone had to write a song about it. With permission of the Parker Solar Probe project at JHU-APL, we've tried to capture the excitement of this epic journey. She's been described as the coolest, hottest mission ever. Image Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins APL/Steve Gribben
Intro: Dm Verse 1: Dm C On a steamy morn, We say farewell Gm A7 She’ll face the fire, like a trip through hell Dm C Standing poised and tall as the time draws near Gm A7 The tension grows but she shows no fear PreChorus 1: Bb A7 She’s the coolest you have ever seen Bb A7 The bravest there has ever been Chorus: Dm C Dm A7 Touch the Sun; Come on, Let’s Touch the Sun Dm C A7 Dm Touch the Sun; Time now to Touch the Sun Verse 2: Dm C Venus whispers along the way Gm A7 “Better raise your shield to his deadly rays” Dm C In an epic dance with our fiery king Gm A7 Gazing at his crown she begins to sing. PreChorus 2: Bb A7 She’s the hottest you have ever seen Bb A7 The fastest there has ever been. Chorus: Instrumental Verse: Chorus 2X and Coda Coda: A7 Dm A7 Dm Come on, Let’s Touch the Sun, Come on, Let’s Touch the Sun A7 Dm C Bb Dm Come on, Let’s Touch the Sun