We'll Remember You
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A Latin Beguine with Greek instruments in memory of Mom
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May 04, 2018
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We’ll Remember You Intro: C G C G Verse 1: C G Remembering photographs from your youth G7 C Growing up a little shy and aloof C G Your two brothers always close by your side G7 C Being raised with Greek American pride. Verse 2: C G That mandolin, it never captured your heart G7 C But playing music helped you get a good start C G Remembering you always wanted to dance G7 C Who knew one day it would lead to romance Chorus 1:F C We’ll remember, sipping tea you’d brew F G While gazing at the garden that you grew G C Oh We’ll remember, You Instrumental Verse (Fast Bouzouki lead) Chorus 2:F C We’ll remember, the Sunday family crew F G Our home tradition cultures merge from two G C Oh We’ll remember, You Verse 3: C G Working hard each and every day G7 C You helped us all to find a better way C G All those crazy times that would unfold G7 C Were treasured gifts we share and still can hold Chorus 3 (x2):F C We’ll remember, the good times that we knew F G Coping with, the trials that we went through G C Oh We’ll remember, You Outro: C F G C