The Morning Calm
A Peacekeeper's prayer for calm and restraint in the face of rising tensions
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January 26, 2018
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Story behind the song
In the mid 1990's I served in the Air Force, forward deployed in South Korea as tensions rose. I was proud to be a peacekeeper and deterrent to war. Now tensions are again rising and I wonder how it would feel to be back on Freedom's Front lines.
Verse 1 G Am On cold winter nights, Taps calls through the air G C D7 Our guards standing watch, We’ve said all our prayers C Bm In quiet resolvewe stand to the test Am D D7 In battery rangewe anxiously rest Verse 2 G Am We’ve kept them from war,these sixty five years G D D7 One nation grew strong,the other austere C Bm Am D D7 For millions of souls, so much is at stake Chorus C D Bm Am D Forget about / who’s button’s bigger / who’s flag is higher. Hands off the trigger! C C Bm Am D Just pause to think. Consider the facts. Take a deep breath, before you react. C D Bm Em C Bm Am G No Fire! No fury! No threat of harm! Let’s try to keep the morning calm {intro, Instrumental Verse, Repeat Chorus} Bridge Dm C Em D ‘Tween frozen peaks and soaking rain a rose grew willfully Em D Am D Through Fire and earth, wind and sea, in peaceful harmony Verse 3 G Am Our missiles face north,Our eyes on the sky G D D7 We’re ready to rollOur weapons near by C Bm In God we have faith,but lightly we sleep Am D D7 It’s trusted to usthis peace we must keep{Chorus and coda)