Love Eternally
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If your heart is true, someday you may find Love Eternally (#1 SC Adult Contemporary song)
Peak: #6   (127,470 songs currently in Pop)
Peak in sub-genre: #1   (7,455 songs currently in Adult Contemporary)
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March 17, 2017
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Prelude: D A/C# Once in a lifetime if your heart is true Bm A7 Someday you may just find the one that’s meant for you Intro: Bm A G Asus4 A Verse: D A Adim A Long ago we hungered for a Love, Eternally Em D Ddim D To hear, at last, forevermore love’s sweet poetry G Ddim F#m Now everything that we’ve been through and everything we say and do B7 Em A A7 D My promise is I’ll share with you Love, Eternally Bridge: Bm F#m/A G D Always and all ways our love has made us one Bm F#m/A G Asus A Always and in all ways true love is never done Instrumental Verse: Bridge: Verse: End: G F#m/A Em/G A7 D