These Hands
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A spiritual song describing an artist's inspiration
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June 08, 2016
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Story behind the song
The lyrics tell the true story of how an artist expresses her inspiration to create as a lifeforce guiding her hands. Very cool.
The Stars at night; the birds in flight; A rolling field of flowers. A mother a - nd child; a stallion running wild; a city’s gleaming towers. Look all around; your works adorn Please tell me how your art is born. “And she said” Chorus: There’s a spirit in these hands; that moves them like a guide. And It’s lived throughout the ages and sketched on history’s pages. What‘s learned across the lands; brings inspiration from inside. I’m so grateful for the mystic plan; to have the spirit in these hands. Verse 2: Could it be true inside of you; there’s an essence here at play? A portal found through thoughts profound; to see the world in your own way. Are we all links of a greater chain to carry on and reach its aim? Chorus: Bridge: Travel far and wide; find the peace inside. Set the spirit free; share the gift for all to see.