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Larry Ludwick - 'This is really a brilliant song & well delivered if you take the time to listen & understand how well it is written and the unique way it describes a more common situation'
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February 19, 2012
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JP Gripp
Story behind the song
A little demo; just me, my guitar and a creaky wooden chair.
I'm just another lonely exile Gazing homeward from afar Late one night I fell to earth I rode shotgun on a falling star I hit the ground hard, It was a long and lonely ride I woke feeling helpless, feeling gravity tied And stranded earthbond Forever earthbound, my friend Now I turn upon this terra firma And search the sky each night I got myself an old telescope So I can keep you in my sight The locals call me crazy When I tell them about us They shake their heads And call me Icarus But they can't comprehend Just how far I've been I just seem like one of them Someone who has always been Standed earthbound Forever earthbound, my friend I'm stranded earthbound my friend And feeling far too heavy to pretend Or ignore those cynics With their science who say That you're at least 100 billion Light years away and the image of you that Seems to shine so bright Maybe just a phantom, a trick of traveling light This I'll never know my friend I'll be long gone by then These facts of matter seem Far less important when You're stranded earthbound Forever earthbound, my friend