Just one Dream Away
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February 19, 2012
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JP Gripp/DT Carroll
Lost time is just time at hand My world of yesterdays She was dancing in the sand Like a little girl at play I was standing right behind her But she wouldn't turn around I tried calling out her name Found I couldn't make a sound (chorus) Never three, never two, Always just one dream away Time I got me some religion Learned how to pray Got one question for the lord The answer he won't tell Why's my little slice of heaven Seem like a glimpse of hell I know a place behind a fence Where I go walking in the garden When I glue the cracks on my broken heart I come here to let it harden First I stop and smell each flower Then I fly right over the trees When I'm high, she just looks down Why is she so hard to please? (chorus) Round and around we go my friend Feels like deja vu all over again Will I always play the fool Who gets caught in every turnstile? Content to play a gallery Full of smirks and frozen smiles Every time I play her game And beg for second chances I'm doomed to follow the direction Of her not so furtive glances (chorus)