Hold My Heart
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Beautiful vocal duet.
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February 06, 2012
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Bob Verri-Lyrics, Rhonda Watson & John Fiore-Music © 2004
Story behind the song
This is another one that Bob let us take where-ever it went. Bob brought us the chord structure and lyrics then let us go at it.
I almost left you I almost walked away. But then I turned around and realized you're my today I almost hurt you I almost made you cry. Oh what a fool I'd be to let this love go by Cuz you were the key to the door I'd been lookin' for. And I opened it and you were there. Your love brough a light to the dark surrounding my heart. Now I have sunshine everywhere I'll always love you. And if I go away. Please hold my heart till I return for our today. Please hold my heart till I return for our today