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Another You Another Me
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Smooth Jazz Vocals and smooth guitar.
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February 06, 2012
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Bitrate: 160 kbps. Runtime: 2:25. File size: 2.77 MB.
Writer (words/music)
Bob Verri-Lyrics, Rhonda Watson,John Fiore-Music
Story behind the song
Thoretical senerio of remeeting your love. Bob let Rhonda Watson and John Fiore do what they wanted with this one. Rhonda Watson on vocals and John Fiore on guitars.
Another me walked in today and met another you. I don't think that they got along cuz now we feel we're through. To be what we can't be will turn a good love upside down. Another me, another you has turned our love around. Don't you remember the times when holding hands. Don't you remember the times i said you were my man. Our love has always been as new as spring rain in the morning. To hold each other in our arms and love without the warning. That tomorrow it may go away. Wrapped up in games that people play. And hurting with the words we say. But we can stay, yes we can stay. If we save today.