Philly Vs. Genius, Round 2
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June 08, 2004
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You can catch me with a tool on my arm/ or a da mule on my arm, the stones make it look like a pools on my arm// you catch me wit da goons or my squad/ and we shootin, to put a hole through u and ya moms// so listen Genius I found u wack/ I taught u how to rap, and this is how u act// so don't let me skip to da facts/ I gotta job, see ya moms pay good just for twistin her back// the guns that i'm spittin will hurt be/ cuz da only time u push coke is when niggas is thirsty// u don't wanna test the steal/ the techs will peal, it ain't super soakers you get wet 4real// bout to have my left hook test ya grill/ you don't want beef, unless u want an extra meal// u should chill around a playa/ cuz u a lil dude, u prolly think vagina is a town in asia// and I'm still down to spray ya/ hit u wit a round and leave ya under da ground in layers// what u know about smashin freaks/ kg da lil nigga feenin to do tracks wit me// so he know that he hasn't boned yet/ he just gettin gassed up cuz he be havin phone sex// so u think u gon play who?/ this cats a vet, have respect for da nigga that made u//