Streetz & Genius Diss
need I say more?
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June 03, 2004
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Streetz u a liar fam/ I'm worth higher grands, flows hot like a frying pan// I'm from where da weed they supply-ing-damn/ have ya eyes squintin low like u need an eye-exam// who ever signs this man is a retarded-cat-cuz/ ya diss is the only nice track since u started rappin// don't make me have to spark-da-cannon/ tear apart dis man, put u in a box as hard-as-granite// I'm on top, got the charts on smash and/ as far as rapping goes, u ain't got da heart for dat shit// you don't wanna have dis marksmen clappin/ KG might as well quite and stick to arts-and-craft-kid// and Genius ain't beatin these freaks/ u still beatin ya meat, rockin ya mic like siegel and free// I tought ya bout spittin it harder/ then u dissin me, c'mon son how u dissin ya father// so I'm have to catch this fool/ cuz KG ain't gangsta, he's goes to catholic school// it's hard for me to feel u brotha/ I seen ya girl, she look like my little brotha// streetz already sound like trash/ but if KG ghostwrites, then he'll just sound like fab// P drive the cyphas craze/ stay on the mic 4 days, the type of shit ya wife embrace// the slugs might bite ya bite ya face/ I would beat kg chick, but she still in her diaper phase// blow ya brains on the top of streets/ so this ain't the first time u seen genius on top of streetz// and me peeps stay poppin heat/ to have ya talkin to da lord like a gospal speech// ya never fought-wit-a-9/ so if pull out, it's the first gun you'll see with no water-inside// u can see me when da pistols poppin/ lift ya top, twist ya not, so u can tell big whats poppin// I'm in da spot where da hits is knockin/ chicks is noddin they head, till my kids dislodgin// there's no comparin at all/ so KG beatin me? u gotta better chance growin hair on ya balls// yea he's bastard b/ how am I gon get beatin by a nigga who sound like master P// plus I stay stackin cream/ pockets got more chese then a craft factory// I know u don't like philly, wanna catch-me un-armed-ta wet-me with-water/ in per-son, burst-some of they nurf-guns// KG said he's a hustler/ cuz he ghostwrites, and streetz is his regular customer// talkin bout he heats da metal/ and how he push whips, when his feat can't even reach da petal// I'm a have to cock and spray/ pop ya fade, and make sure it's the last time u talk to ya pops that way//