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Ocean Song
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From Kevin's Demo cd. One of Kevin's most requested songs. This acoustic classic features Corinne Zurak on the background acoustic.
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Upload date
January 07, 2018
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MP3 4.1 MB, bitrate 128 kbps.
4:28 minutes
Writer (words/music)
Kevin Korol
Story behind the song
I wrote this after hitch hiking back from Banff.
Been sitting in this room all night, wondering why I'm so alone. I don't come to no conclusions, there must be something Idon't know. Maybe I need to find someone, together wee could go, find ourselves a smile. Well I guess you never know. We could go to the ocean, find us something new. Build ourselves a fire baby, together me and you.... We could find some pleasure, in each other's company. We might even find something, no one else could ever see. And what I wouldn't give, to find something so sweet. Something baby, Someone just like me.