Messiah of the Year (Conqueror)
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December 07, 2013
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HRM Queen Marilyn I. & Matt Gabnai / Matt Gabnai © Minotaur Project Studios
Story behind the song
Watch the music video for Messiah of the Year: I dreamed of having a complete album since I was 17. It's still a bit surreal for me to let go of this one, upload it and get it out there... my last 8 months went into it, almost all of my free time. I'm very proud of the outcome - and though it's far from being perfect, I feel that parts of it might challenge a few top-notch productions of this year, despite the fact that mine is a home project, recorded in my bedroom, as a "hobby", without any budget whatsoever, other than my personal income from other jobs. My childhood friend Zsombor has written a draft of a play (which I'm planning to release once it's completed) for this album, based on my very few instructions - this is the first part of a longer set that is to come. The short story contained the history of a possible sci-fi / cyberpunk future, where a vessel (the Outer Heaven) was shot into outer space, to carry the few survivors after the Awakening of the new world, and the eventual apocalypse (Kali Yuga) that followed. The remaining colony is travelling towards a new planet to save all mankind after making the Earth completely inhabitable. The novel is about the 7 people who are in control of the ship, those that represent 7 major parties of the surviving colony, each with very different motivations. Every song on this album represents either a main character's inner turbulence (often conversing with their demons), or their memories of the awakening, and the war that followed - all on this on a personal level. Sacrifice, murder, spiritual battle, moral struggles and some other inner turmoil through impossible situations - each song covers one story I wanted the novel to tell, and eventually express on the album. Initially my idea was to record the complete story, but what Zsombor has written turned out to be way too exciting and detailed just be squished into 80+ minutes, so I thought I'll cover the basics with this one, and before the next chapter I'll release the novel (or at least parts of it), so all characters would fall in place to those who are interested - although I think the message of this set of songs comes across quite well without the actual names or having to know the story in detail. Thanks to my fantastic friends, musicians and other artists who helped me take this release on another level of diversity, every time I listen to Outer Heaven in its entirety, it speaks to me as a whole - despite that it can be broken up into individual songs. I feel though it's complicated and not an easy listening experience, through the few repeating themes, and the very dynamic songs I think my optimistic view point eventually goes across. Because despite all the bad that happened recently, and all the bad we predict (as humanity always did) I believe in genuine happiness, and that we can help our world to be a better place. This is what this album is all about: hope. -Matt
Ranks, File, Army, Geared, Action, Order - Yes - ready, Charge, GO! (Chorus) We can conquer wrong Ready for greatness Ready to revive a dying fold I'm a conqueror We can change it all o Valliant Conqueror Shaken not broken Ready to revive this dying souls With life, divine life Wait I wait in the water Oh Spirit SoulRocker would you pass my way Fire for fire Burn it up and take control Lift me up lift me Be the wind beneath my wings Imma soar like an eagle Take flight so high yeah (But I) stopped searching for more Breathing you all deep in, the negativity Forcing me, dragging me through this fall, transforming my demise into this public scorn This duality in me is what it takes to get rid of the doubt, all the limits and fill it up: Passion, anger, I just breathe you in to be in full control By the light your soul possesses more than human power come alive be brave we are more than conquerors No! Situations can shake you, don't be discouraged Leave the mortal soul Wear the truth as your armour, and get yourself protected Underneath the surface, you know a frozen realm of chaos entwines you Lift me up Be the wind beneath my wings Imma soar like an eagle Take flight so high Downward spiral in me is dragging, pulling through a blasted, broken system Transforming your demise into this distant roar By the heart, and your soul your braveness, come alive be brave we are more than conquerors Guitar solo by Vincent Saling (Chorus) Ranks, File, Army, Geared, Action, Order - Yes - ready, Charge, GO! Spiritual missions shooting spiritual missiles No targets just wipeouts of the hatred the evil Starting from inward expelling demons from inside Crowned with the glory, keen their power, they know me Attack Guitar solo by Roman Barbun (Chorus) From when darkness has fallen while everyone sleeps Demons creep around feeding on helpless weak That's when I go on my hands and knees You can't conquer us! When my body's sleeping, the spirit lies awake interceeding With a cover that is thicker then no other That's why I go oh oh no! You can't conquer me! Before you get to me, get - get to me By the rod I'm fortified Believe that - Oh no We're more than conquerors