Superheroes (Ventura Lights cover)
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June 05, 2013
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A few weeks ago Cobus Potgieter's Ventura Lights released their long-awaited first single, for which a full-band cover contest was announced, this is what my entry sounds like. The schedule was pretty hectic on my end: a very short deadline to make quality music, spiced up with my upcoming trip to Croatia (I won't be here to read the reactions to this song, it's gonna be weird) - I'm still about to insert a videotrack into the final piece as I type this at work. The final version of the audio was finished only a couple of hours ago. I haven't slept properly for about 3 days because of this project, and it's actually fun. I like working under this pressure. Musically I think this was a nice challenge, and resulted in a very controversial song, because I feel we're on musically uncharted territory with Marilyn's vocals - I can't honestly list one band that ever tried mixing this djenty-guitar sound with this organic arrangement I always produce, topping it off by soul-influenced voice. Of course the original song tied our hands a bit, but I wholeheartedly love the final version of the song, and I sincerely hope people will get it, because I feel we're onto something new here - and it's a direction I wish to continue pursuing with the Minotaur. Concerning the cover itself, I decided to rewrite the whole song to better fit my style (and also, there's not much room for improvement in the original... in addition to that I didn't see any reason playing the same thing all over again, since I couldn't do as good as a job as the original recording). As a result, only some of the basic structure remained: like the tempo, the basic dynamic curve, and one magnificent drum-break towards the end of the buildup-part, which I literally copied from the original (that's why the Cobus cameo from the original song). The rest... I decided to reharmonize the chorus, completely rewrite the verses, put some dubstep keys into them, added a solo section, widen the dynamics, write proper orchestration for parts... as I would usually do, only now I had a song to work around. It's fun, I rarely ever did covers only for my project :) Once the basics of the song were there, I knew I wanted a truly crushing guitar solo, and I couldn't think of a better solist to invite, than the always magnificent Roman Barbun, whom with we already worked on some projects. His style and swift work leaves me always speachless, professionalism on the highest level. And of course, the other one I can somehow always rely on when it comes to helping me with composing: Renfred Harper on keys - just as last year with Time Shifting Echoes, he did an awesome job, exactly what the song needed. Once again, these people came from the same backers group I worked with last year - what a wonderful group of musicians I had the chance to meet there :) More on that will come soon... Also, we went out for the first time to record ourselves on video (Roman raised the stakes pretty high), but please be aware that I consider it only a bonus - as we're submitting the song as an entry for the spot on the Ventura Lights (audio) CD, video was secondary for me. I like it though, but of course all four of us are in different countries, and don't forget that everything you hear and see were recorded/processed in our homes, with our own video & audio equipment. Long live the free internet! Once again I'd like to thank everyone involved with the preparation, help, and the respect for the very short deadlines - if so many people around me wouldn't be this willing to help instantly, I wouldn't have been able to finish this in time, but you made it possible, so I can be proud of the results. Thank you! And of course let me thank Ventura Lights, especially Cobus for providing us an opportunity - once again. Hail to the backers group as well! ...and with having all this said, I'm off to Croatia for a few days :) EQUIPMENT USED from my end: - Prolude "Growl of the Minotaur" head (my signature model) - TECH21 Sansamp Bass DI - Darkglass Microtubes B3K - Warwick Thumb Custom SE, 2011 - Line6 POD HD Pro - Squier Showmaster 1996 - Alesis DM7 (recorded the midi, and corrected it - Pro Tools 9 - Planet Waves cables, Rotosound Swing66 strings - Canon 600D for filming I'M PROUD TO BE ENDORSED BY PROLUDE AMPLIFICATION --- Questions and comments are welcome!
Written by Ventura Lights (Verse 1) When it's dark, And it's cold and dreary, And you are weary -- Shadows lurk inside the night. There's something out there and it hides. It's more than just your state of mind, And it's hunting for you. (Chorus) If we were Stronger than superheroes, We could save the world at once. Then we could Be the ones to get rid of Enemies and tragedies they cause. (Verse 2) When they come And they're armed and ready, Will you hold steady, Or give into their heartless lies? There's something in you and it sleeps. There's more to you than what you see, And it's waiting for you. (Chorus x2)