Bathe in Sinlight
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April 14, 2013
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Matt Gabnai © Minotaur Project
Story behind the song
At September 2012 I decided to finally start to write and record the album I was working so much for the last couple of years. I planned 3 months to complete it - and then in the middle of the process I realized that I'm such a maximalist, that I'm unable to work under such date limits - I rather want it to be good. It's still ongoing (slowly everything gets its place), and it will go on as long until I'm finished with it. I even asked some fellow musicians to help out, and I never got around to call them back - that's a shame, really. (Note to self: ask others when the material is ready :)) I also have to mention that I plan to release the album with proper vocals on it (maybe even this song), which makes this process even longer - but I think it'll all worth it in the end :) Meanwhile some of the songs shape up to be pretty interesting structure and sonicwise, some got new directions, some got even new genres in it, stuff I've never done before. I decided to share one of these with you as a personal celebration of my birthday (which is today, the 14th of April, I'm 27 today). This song is a conclusion of the trilogy I'm working on inside the album. Storywise I'm still keeping its meaning to myself (I don't want to spoil it, since I plan to make this year's big release a concept album), but musically it has a lot going on, partially because we have some reoccurring themes over the songs - which would obviously unfold with the rest of the trilogy. It's confusing, fast, and more guitar-driven than most of my work before. Obviously the rhythm-driven djent scene got to me to the core, and also I got very much inspired by The Algorithm's "brainf*** "-kind of genre-mashing music, but I guess for an instrumental composition as this one, it's for the best. Nothing ever is done the same thing twice, no piece of audio is copy-pasted on my album, so the whole thing gets some additional detail. I also used a bit of Matt Halpern's drum patterns that I bought from the toontrack website. That guy's a beast, never stops to inspire me musically. You can also clearly hear some influences of the 2nd Periphery record in this track. And one other thing: a shoutout to AuroraDante for the songtitle, best typo ever :) "Wird doesn't mean it's worng". Thank you! EQUIPMENT USED: - Prolude "Growl of the Minotaur" head (my signature model) - TECH21 Sansamp Bass DI - Darkglass Microtubes B3K - Warwick Thumb Custom SE, 2011 - Line6 POD HD Pro - Line6 POD HD 300 - Squier Showmaster 1996 - Pro Tools 9 - Planet Waves cables, Rotosound Swing66 strings I'M PROUD TO BE ENDORSED BY PROLUDE AMPLIFICATION