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Biggest collab ever made! Check the video of it at
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September 29, 2012
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Matt Gabnai & Renfred Harper
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TIME SHIFTING ECHOES EP Written by Matt Gabnai and Renfred Harper STORY: Cobus Potgieter's initiative, the My Youtube Band Project idea brought together a fantastic group of supporters, a majority of them being musicians themselves. Around the end of June 2012, Timothy Fricke came up with the idea to do a collaboration of some kind while we wait for the band selection process - and since the Minotaur Project was always about looking for guest musicians, I jumped on the idea, wrote some music for it, and about two months later this EP-long video came to be as a result. We wanted to play with Cobus as well, so we used one of his videos without his consent (this video is supposed to be a surprise). It's the biggest collab I've ever done; probably the biggest of it's kind out there too (playing original, written music). I decided that this time I'd like to have the quotes done by our group, and also on as many languages as possible, to show how much physical distance is between us really. We did this fur fun, without any financial support/need, just to have a good time playing together, using our home equipment, everyone what they had. No profit is intended from this, you can download the music for free! ALL CONTRIBUTORS are proud supporters of and lifetime members of the Banana Timezone Fraternity! Contributing artists: ROMAN BARBUN (rhythm guitars and solos) RINA CASTILLO (xylophone intro, tribal drums) TIMOTHY FRICKE (rhythm and funk guitars) JASON GIAFFO (rhythm and acoustic guitars, saxophone) "Hobobassist" RYAN HAMILL (tribal drums / djembes) RENFRED HARPER (composition, keyboards and synths, rhythm guitar) MICHAEL JOHNSON (guitar solos) HOWARD LEON (rhythm guitar, flutes, death whistle, and bird whistle) The Way of the Wolf RAPHAËL LOUVRADOUX (ethereal intro and outro with SpaceWiz app) DUMONT MAXIME (tribal drums) KENNETH MIRANDA (bass, tribal drums) NIKOLAI N. (main drums, banana shaker) Zynix COBUS POTGIETER (drum audio and video track bougth from his site) HEINER VALVERDE (rhythm and acoustic guitars) JOSH WILDHORN (Rhythm guitars) Celsius X The Landscape PAUL ZERVAAS (main drums, tribal drums) MATT GABNAI (composition, bass, guitars, keys, drum, orchestra and synth programming, mix and master, video production) Minotaur Project ( Subdivision ( Mystery Blue ( For bass recordings I'M PROUDLY USING AND BEING ENDORSED BY PROLUDE AMPLIFICATION Voices of the quotes: JOHANNES AGENBACH - afrikaans ROMAN BARBUN - ukranian SHERRIE ROSE CATUBIG - cebuano ISABELLE CHAN - chinese BJ?RN D?HLEN - norwegian MATT GABNAI - hungarian RENFRED HARPER - english SAULI JORO - finnish RAPHAËL LOUVRADOUX - french ROBERT NILSSON - swedish THOMAS N?RGAARD ELVIUS - danish YSA PAEZ - tagalog KRISTINA PARKER - english JOSH WILDHORN - english, french, chinese Originally all quotes are from either Kurt Vonnegut, or Frank Zappa.