Lullaby of War (Kreepmaster-Minotaur collab)
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August 02, 2012
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7:51 minutes
Peter Csak/Matt Gabnai
Story behind the song
One of the first fans of mine, Dan Cole (hey, Dan! :)) shared a video with me back in january; to my biggest surprise it was from a hungarian guitarist, who had a very similar approach towards writing music as I do, only he's a far better guitarist than I am :) Since I was always on a lookout for guitarists to include in my project, I jumped on the idea of working with him (the common language wasn't an issue either). He proposed some drumtracks and a few guitar riffs, I continued writing drums, he sent guitar riffs, and this went on a few times, we created a possible song structure... but despite the quick work we've done around the beginning of march, since my private life delayed all releases, I let this collaboration down for too much time, and I couldn't touch it afterwards until now. Then when I've found time a few weeks ago I jumped on continuing the drums, colouring the whole athmosphere with my ususal approach to keyboards, some effects, we recorded the videos for it, and I think the end result came out very nicely. My original idea (based on the atmosphere of the riffs I got) behind the song was to create something smashing, disturbing, not too happy, since (for me) it was influenced by a negative-utopia I write about for years, and I think it shows both of our intentions pretty nicely. There's some optimism in this track, but it shows that I was really influenced by Jozsef Baksai's exhibition called "Childrens play" around 2000-2002, which was about how we teach war and bloodshed to be perfectly natural to the next generation - thus the title "Lullaby of war". The melodies in this song could be very well of a lullaby as well, it's the orchestration that brings this piece this absurdity. Arrangement-wise this track was a big challenge for me, this is why it has such a different feeling from my previous work, but I truly love it.
No lyrics, instrumental song.