Horus feat Matthew Hekker (drm)
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June 07, 2012
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7:20 minutes
Matt Gabnai © Minotaur Project
Story behind the song
I hope this song provides a small compensation for the time I skipped... I have several songs on my list to be finished and TONS of other work to be done, but my personal life came first in the past few weeks. Sorry for the delay, I'll try to make it up to you :) The most interesting detail for this song is that we're already working on a vocal version with Petra Rock, which will come out as soon as I can finish some parts for it. Even the demos sound fantastic, I'm excited to put it out there. The song is about Horus, the egyptian God. I wanted to picture the extremes of those stories I know about him. I mean it really worth a shot to read mythological stories, I just love them :) I actually wrote the basics of this song back in 2007 (the choruses are almost identical, some parts are mildly changed; I'd say only about 75% is new), but I felt it worth renewing, and it turned out to be something completely different than the original. The reason why I chose this subject was Mika Waltari's book Sinuhe; I loved the character of Horemheb (and the whole book of course), and I wanted to write a song about his diverse yet passionate state of mind. This was also the first song where I used a lot of tempo changes, and Matthew did a fantastic job once again with them - this song is a step forward for me technically, because for the first time I didn't limit myself structurewise (also the harmonisations are a bit odd here and there, I worked a lot to change the around), although somehow the song turns into a "whole" even more with some vocals on it; you'll see.