La fin absolue du monde feat Oliver Lee (guit)
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April 03, 2012
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Matt Gabnai © Minotaur Project
Story behind the song
First of all, as I mentioned somewhere else before, the most criticism I get towards my music is the lack of guitar solos. I don't do those because I can't; but now I have one of the most professional and versatile session musician I know from my generation, doing what he does best. Oliver and I met at the modern music college of Budapest, K?banyai Zenei Studio, we actually started the same year. I vividly remember him playing unbelieveable runs with such accuracy and feel, which was not only uncommon among students of the first year (I couldn't yet play the bass well enough at that time), but rare amongst the professors as well. He was well-known after a short time with his left-handed white Fender Stratocaster, and even back then I looked upon his style of playing with great awe - every time. I never really felt worthy to play with such a guy. For the hungarian scenery his name is well-known already: in 2010 he won a "new guitarist" talent competition in Budapest, and nowadays he plays with the very finest of musicians Hungary has to offer, not to mention that he's also the guitarist of Jon Lord among other projects. For years I used Oliver as a prime example to show that good musicianship comes from the heart and the personality first. While he's truly one of the easiest person to work with (his commission to every project, and his famous submission toward fellow musicians made him this fame), his musical talent towards ANY kind of musican genre is just amazing for me. I never considered him a Metal-head before, I always thought he plays more blues-rock oriented things, or this hungarian folk with Bea Palya, but after we started to discuss the solo for this song and I had asked for the most bizarre, wild, disturbing and dark thing he could play there, after which he came up with what you hear on the song, my jaws were dropped. Perfect match to the atmosphere, it's the "Absolute end of the world" after all. All-in-all, it was an unbelieveable pleasure and an even greater honor to have him on my music. I only can advise all of you to follow his name and work if you want the highest quality of music from my generation. La fin absolue du monde, as a song is the final chapter of the work I've done last year, and a precursor of a new era. The song is the latest one I've written (I had to restart the whole process in january, because the song I've done before didn't work really - downwards of experimenting :D), it's been influenced by an episode of "Masters of Horror", namely "Cigarette Bruns" by John Carpenter. "La fin absolue du monde" is a title of a movie which we don't see in the episode, only parts of it, but it seemed to me as some kind of entrance to hell, or something even much worse. All the quotes are from that episode. What I wanted to tell with the song is that the search for this fertile ground (check 77345_018 with Petra, she pretty much tells it) for humanity has failed, the traveling spaceship crashes, killing everyone on board, causing the end of the human race as we know it. I wanted to write the most bizarre, dark, confusing song I've done, and I think the feel of the song is close to that, however I hope it's a journey as always. Vocal version is coming soon, the song will be downloadable into RockBand as well! :)
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